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David Thomson is a Sydney-based photographer hailing from the cooler climes of Glasgow. He documents weddings with a natural, unobtrusive & contemporary style.

Having previously used a commercial theme for a number of years, (one that was fit-for-purpose and really quite useful at the time), it was clear that as soon as any significant updates were required, it was simply becoming counter-productive to modify it any further.

It was time to retire this theme in exchange for something new, more manageable and extendable.


A mobile-first, responsive WordPress theme that brings Dave's photography to the fore.

A combination of custom templates, ITCSS architecture, Sass preprocessing and auto-prefixing makes for a lean production workflow. An aesthetically clean, distraction free site where the fantastic imagery does all of the talking. Gallery pages use full screen hero images to introduce each shoot, along with a sizable array of related images which are lazy-loaded for performance.

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